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    The fifth part of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]

    • Time:2020-09-01
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    The fifth part of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]: Electronic files of whole life to protect the safety of absenteeism.

    Time: August 23, 2020   Publisher: [Xiangtan Hengxin]   Source: Xiangtan Hengxin Industrial Co. LTD

    When you walk into the Archives management room of Xiangtan Hengxin, you will see neat rows of cabinets. Inside the cabinet are more than 800 product archives of Xiangtan Hengxin in the past 20 years. It is these archives that bear witness to the healthy and sustainable development of Xiangtan Hengxin.

    Each file starts from the customer's first consultation, and then the product design plan, contract, equipment layout, completion materials, accessories purchase records and so on are all included in it. In addition to the paper files in the file box, there are also electronic files stored on the server and Shared to relevant personnel according to the nature of the work.

    A mine in Shanxi Province in 2008, installed the xiangtan HengXin monkey car, for several times during the equipment modification, in 2019, the mine's coal bureau need to be security checks, especially for monkey car safety performance and related information for inspection, otherwise, the monkey car equipment will be shut down, cannot work well under the miners, face every day for the loss of 100000 yuan/day, because of mine management personnel changes, related data files is not complete, let worry lose ore party leadership, upon inspection, the day before mine party contacted xiangtan HengXin customer service, ask xiangtan HengXin cooperate to provide sitting-like-a monkey all profiles, Xiangtan Hengxin customer service staff replied to the miners, please provide the information to receive the email, five minutes after you can open the email to download and print. After the event, the leadership of the mine said, I did not expect Xiangtan Hengxin even 10 years ago the archives are so complete, with Xiangtan Hengxin's products is at ease. And presented a pennant as a token of appreciation.


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