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    The fourth part of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]

    • Time:2020-09-01
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    The fourth part of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]: A fleet of autonomous "monkey cars" under the control of the Internet of Things.

    Time: August 23, 2020   Publisher: [Xiangtan Hengxin]   Source: Xiangtan Hengxin Industrial Co. LTD

    "There are five monkey cars installed in my mine and more than 30 full-time administrators. In the future, monkey cars will be installed every year, and the number of full-time administrators will continue to increase. Meanwhile, the management difficulty and safety risks are also increasing. A mine monkey car management personnel in Henan a random nagging, was the presence of Xiangtan Hengxin after-sales service engineer heard the heart, so he immediately feedback to the company leadership, Xiangtan Hengxin leadership immediately instruction, market-oriented, to meet customer needs, set up a research and development project team. Through screening, determine to carry on pilot project in Henan Pingmei two mines. Starting in 2010, after two years of scientific research, finally and successfully developed the first company in the industry of mine explosion-proof environment monitoring remote monitoring system of "monkey", and in henan coal leveling two ore achieved in to hundreds of meters underground, or even thousands of meters of 10 a total length of more than 10 km remote from spreading, "monkey" by the miners dubbed driverless car "monkey" the team.

    After the success of the pilot project in Henan Pingcoal No. 2 mine, orders have been successively received from various mines. Up to now, more than 100 "monkey cars" equipment have been realized for remote joint control, which has been included in the pilot project of The State Coal Administration and was awarded the second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Hunan Province. In order to further optimize the remote joint control, Xiangtan Hengxin has adopted the mode of cooperation with hunan University of Science and Technology for in-depth development of the project, which is listed in the 2019 Hunan Province industrial Internet platform construction project. For the project acceptance, on the platform can be realized with domestic regulatory data all monkey car equipment, can be incorporated into the safety of the relevant national regulatory supervision platform, for the country to provide platform for mine safety monitoring and data, at the same time to promote mechanized substitution, automation reduced people, intelligent unmanned "green mine construction wisdom to contribute.


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