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    The third part of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]: Product technology, the world's first.

    • Time:2020-09-01
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    The third part of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]: Product technology, the world's first.

    Time: August 23, 2020   Publisher: [Xiangtan Hengxin]   Source: Xiangtan Hengxin Industrial Co. LTD

    In 2007, Xiangtan Hengxin successfully developed the "monkey car" closed hydraulic drive system with explosion-proof function, which solved the electric speed regulation problem of closed hydraulic pump in explosion-proof environment for the first time at home and abroad. At that time, there was no electric proportional hydraulic pump with explosion-proof function in the world. In order to make the electric proportional hydraulic pump with explosion-proof function, Xiangtan Hengxin integrated an electric proportional hydraulic pump with explosion-proof function by combining the hydraulic variable pump and the control valve block developed by xiangtan Hengxin.

    The electric system has the functions of constant speed control, overload protection, underpressure of the filling pump and oil temperature exceeding, etc., which improves the safety of the monkey car. In the design of hydraulic drive speed control, the speed sensor through the acquisition of speed signal feedback to PLC, in the program using adaptive control method to realize the hydraulic drive automatic speed control. Achieve stepless speed regulation, soft start, soft stop and running to the set speed value after the function of maintaining constant speed. All hydraulically driven solenoid valves and proportional valves are controlled through the OUTPUT of PLC to achieve full automatic control.

    The hydraulic tensioning device, which can provide constant tension and pre-tensioning function, eliminates the sliding wear of the wire rope and the driving wheel when starting, realizes the slow running under no load or light load, improves the life of the wire rope, and has the effect of energy saving. Since then, it not only fills the gap in China, but also leads the technical development of the industry.

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