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    The second part of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]

    • Time:2020-09-01
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    The second part of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]: Comprehensive substitution of imported products.

    Time: August 23, 2020   Publisher: [Xiangtan Hengxin]   Source: Xiangtan Hengxin Industrial Co. LTD

    Can domestic "monkey cars" drive away "monkey cars"? In the summer of 2006, Xiao Pingan, chairman of Xiangtan Hengxin, took two engineers to explore a roadway in a mine in Shandong province. The leader of the mine said, "Your monkey car is good, but the German 'hydraulic monkey car' is better, with stepless adjustable speed, soft start and soft stop. Can you do that?" This sentence deeply hurt The xiangtan Hengxin leader Xiao Equitable comrade, immediately said: "We will replace the import in two years, the 'monkey car' back!

    After returning to the enterprise, the government's science and technology department invited bids from domestic universities to seek internationally leading "monkey car" technology. Soon, Central South University expressed a strong desire for cooperative development, and signed a cooperation agreement between industry, university and research institute. The university and the enterprise jointly built a team of hydraulic technology research and development. After repeatedly going deep into the mine, they worked day and night, and finally produced the first prototype one year later. By the end of 2007, the first "hydraulic monkey truck" in China was successfully operated in a mine in Shanxi Province after repeated improvement and commissioning by researchers from both sides for one year. In that year, The sales revenue of Xiangtan Hengxin was only 40 million yuan, but more than 5 million yuan was invested in the research and development of hydraulic monkey car, which not only achieved high returns with high investment, but also demonstrated the determination and ability of Xiangtan Hengxin's technological innovation.

    In 2008, it passed the scientific and technological appraisal, and its comprehensive technical level ranks the international advanced, and is listed in the national major scientific research achievements transformation project. The project has won the National Award for innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Silver Award of the National Exposition, the Outstanding National Scientific and technological Progress, and the provincial scientific and Technological Progress Award. In the 12 years since its launch, it has successfully run more than 400 units, and also become the second generation product of the industry -- "hydraulic monkey car". Since Xiangtan Hengxin's "hydraulic monkey car" product is very cost-effective, since then, the country has never imported foreign products, saving the country hundreds of millions of foreign exchange, also completely "monkey car" out of the country, since then, the establishment of a national brand.

    As xiangtan Hengxin constantly introduces new technologies, its market share is increasing year by year. In 2019, the domestic market share of "Monkey car" is about 40%, and the sales volume ranks the first in China, thus xiangtan Hengxin is truly a "Monkey car King".

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