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    Part one of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]

    • Time:2020-09-01
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    Part one of brand stories of [Xiangtan Hengxin]: seriously product safety, leading the development of the industry.

    Time: August 23, 2020   Publisher: [Xiangtan Hengxin]   Source: Xiangtan Hengxin Industrial Co. LTD

    Since 2000, "monkey car" has entered a golden period of development. Until 2005, it has not been supervised by national professional regulatory authorities or required by national mandatory certification. Therefore, "monkey car" has a great potential safety hazard. In order to improve the safety performance of the "monkey car", Xiangtan Hengxin is the first enterprise in the industry to apply for the "monkey car" safety standard certificate to the National Anbiao Center. Because the "monkey car" safety standard certificate is the first time in China, from the State Coal Administration, the State Anbiao Office, the domestic mineral products testing and inspection center, production enterprises, have no experience. Therefore, xiangtan HengXin chairman xiao fair many times from Beijing, Shanghai, and send technicians to Shanghai for technical communication, is to promote AnBiao forensics work, finally, in December 2005 xiangtan HengXin achieved "monkey" car industry first AnBiao card, seriously for the first time, standardizes the "monkey" market access threshold.

    Although the establishment of access threshold has improved the quality and safety performance of "monkey cars" to a certain extent, the management experience of "monkey cars" in the industry is still insufficient. Most of the national and industrial standards are drawn up by the production units with different standards, which cannot be applied or even fall behind the safety requirements of the products. Xiangtan HengXin people see the problem again, and so began the second trueer, through to the related department to send letters and industry meeting proposal, propose "monkey" the execution of the standard, in order to make the standard of data validation, xiangtan HengXin invested more than 300 ten thousand yuan to build the working condition of simulated environment of "monkey" test facilities. In 2007, with the participation of Xiangtan Hengxin for many times, the "monkey car" industry finally unified the implementation standard -- AQ1038-2007.

    At the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, a mismanaged "monkey car" accident occurred in a mine in Shandong and Shanxi, resulting in human casualties, which aroused the state's attention to the safety of "monkey car". At this point, to the national center for AnBiao xiangtan HengXin suspended all domestic car "monkey" AnBiao card's advice, then analyses the cause of the accident, combining AQ1038-2007 standard, xiangtan HengXin compiled a book about the safe operation of the "monkey" proposal ", "recommended" is the data and argument in the xiangtan HengXin people through repeated verification repeated calculation and test line, xiangtan HengXin third truer. Xiangtan HengXin "advice" in put forward the new production equipment safety brakes, the oil temperature detection is a standard configuration, all has been running equipment requirements add measures were adopted, the national center for AnBiao released in March 2011, the people use aerial passenger device in mine safety management requirements of the logo "notice, and is asking the country to" monkey "car manufacturers according to the requirements for review.

    Though, "monkey" car safety performance has been constantly improved, but xiangtan HengXin England has never stopped, xiangtan HengXin chairman xiao fair in hunan province during the National People's Congress on behalf of the rite, hidden trouble in security for our province "monkey", carried out extensive research, in 2013 to the provincial "about strengthening advice of mine overhead by people safety device in our province, the provincial coal bureau attaches great importance to. This year, Xiangtan Hengxin has also accepted the task of the National Emergency Management Office to revise the standards for air rider devices. Starting from August, Xiangtan Hengxin will lead and organize four authoritative testing and design units, including Anbiao National Mine Product Safety Marking Center Co., LTD., to complete the revision of the design specifications for air rider devices. Hengxin people to repeatedly, again and again to the safety of miners, and continue to contribute to the safety of our country's mines!

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