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    Hunan Daily special report "Little Giant Big Act"

    • Time:2020-08-31
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    Hunan Daily special report "Little Giant Big Act"

     Time: August 7, 2020   coordinating editor: dai rong     Source: Hunan Daily ? New Hunan Client


    Xiangtan Hengxin Co., LTD. Research and development of mine overhead riding device (commonly known as "monkey car"), the domestic market share has been ranked first for many years.


    Build "monkey cars" and be "Monkey King"


    Cao Xian, hunan Daily & New Hunan Client Reporter


    On August 3, boxes and boxes of monkey car parts were loaded from Xiangtan Hengxin Co., LTD., located in the High-tech zone of Shaoshan City, and shipped to large coal mines in Shanxi and Henan provinces.

    In the second quarter of this year, Xiangtan Hengxin achieved sales revenue growth of more than 10% year on year. Under the double pressure of the epidemic situation and the decline of coal market, Xiangtan Hengxin still maintains a stable production rhythm and is well known as the "Monkey King" in the "monkey car" market at home and abroad.


    “China's Monkey King” drives off “Western monkey cart”

    "Monkey truck" is mainly used for miners to transport equipment up and down the well. Miners sit on the "monkey car", holding the lifting chair with both hands, straddling the lifting chair seat, and placing their feet on the foot pole. Along with the circulation of the wire rope, they slowly reach the shaft. Because people sit on the pole, the sitting position is similar to monkeys, so commonly known as "monkey car".

    "A lot of people have ridden the cable car, and the monkey car does the same thing. The monkey car is walking over the ground, while the monkey car is walking over the roadway in the mine." Xiangtan Hengxin chairman Xiao Fair said.

    In 1999, as the general manager of jiangnan machinery factory branch, Xiao Pingan went into the sea and raised 50,000 yuan to set up Xiangtan Hengxin. At that time, the coal and energy industries were developing rapidly, but the popularity of "monkey cars" was not high, and Xiao realized that there was a big market among them. Especially after 2006, with the acceleration of modern mine construction, inclined shaft man - car gradually phased out, the national coal mines set off the installation of "monkey car" upsurge.

    Although "monkey car" looks insignificant, but the domestic coal industry high-end products have long by "monkey car" sing "leading role". When Mr Xiao once promoted his products at a large coal mine in Shandong province, the head of the mine said bluntly that "monkey cars" would be better abroad.

    Fight is aroused! Hand, central south university in 2006, xiangtan HengXin and input of scientific research funds more than 500 ten thousand yuan, after two years successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of the second generation "monkey" - hydraulic drive "monkey", and through the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal, is considered "the core technology in the international advanced level", included in the key state science and technology achievement transformation project.

    What's good about hydraulic drive? Xiao Fair introduces, before homebred "monkey car" simple and simple, it is motor, decelerate machine, wire rope is assembled and become, speed regulation performance is poor, safety protection ability is low, easy to cause out of control. If "monkey car" adopts high voltage speed regulation, it is easy to generate sparks. In the coal mine environment with high safety requirements, there are safety hidden dangers. To this end, Xiangtan Hengxin is the first domestic hydraulic drive "monkey car", through the pressure level to achieve stepless speed regulation, soft stop and soft start, ride comfort and safety synchronous improvement.

    Today, Xiangtan Hengxin hydraulic drive "monkey car" has been a comprehensive substitute for imported products, set up a national brand. Issued by the China coal machinery industry association, according to data to 2019, xiangtan HengXin production mine overhead by one unit of the domestic market share of 39.5%, global market share of 16.5%, has for many years in domestic and global market occupies the first place, to become the nation's largest professional manufacturer of car "monkey", known by the foreign media as the "Monkey King" in China.


    "Surprise service" is a surprise

    Conquering the market is not easy.

    In the early years, some large coal mines tended to choose "monkey cars" or "monkey cars". "As an enterprise in Chairman MAO's hometown, we learned from the strategy of 'encircle the city from the countryside', and made great efforts to put our products into small coal mines around large coal mines in the first step." Mr. Shaw said.

    Shandong Xinwen Coal Mine bureau customized other brands "monkey car" for a long time can not solve the problem of turning. They heard that many small coal mines around the Use of Xiangtan Hengxin "monkey car" performance is very good, so find Xiangtan Hengxin, "monkey car" can not turn a difficult problem solved suddenly. Since then, Xinwen Mining Bureau has become An "old friend" of Hengxin.

    There is a special quality exhibition room on the first floor of the office building of Xiangtan Hengxin No.1 Factory. Unlike the average business, these rooms show not the glory, but the "problems". Hundreds of photos on the wall show possible problems of various parts of the monkey car, listing the phenomena, causes, consequences and solutions one by one. "The safety of the monkey car is related to the safety of the miners, and the demonstration of such problems can keep employees on their toes."

    Through constant exploration and innovation, Xiangtan Hengxin has formed a set of mature quality management model. Products are classified and managed according to the risk factor. No matter there is any problem, the company will arrange personnel to conduct safety inspection at the mine site for free according to the management cycle. Its services often surprise customers and are lauded as "surprise services".

    It is this insistence on quality that in the past 21 years, Xiangtan Hengxin has transported billions of miners up and down the mine without any accident caused by product quality liability. On July 5, the 6th Hunan Provincial Governor quality award and nomination award proposal list public, Xiangtan Hengxin among them.


    Originally published in Hunan Daily


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